• Watch Ruston Kelly’s Dark Video for Standout Single “Black Magic”

    Ruston Kelly released his Halloween LP last year, but has recently been promoting “Black Magic” as a radio single. The accompanying video is dark and emotive, in keeping with the lyrics, and features a nighttime setting with Kelly illuminated only by the camera’s light. In the song, Kelly bitterly details the twisted, negative side of an all-consuming relationship: “Love is like a bag of drugs it blows out both your knees / Innocence gets tangled when you hang it on a string.”

    It’s expertly written and Kelly’s strong vocals emphasize the message, along with production that touches on country, Americana, and singer-songwriter vibes. Watch the video below.

    Key Lyrics: “Love ain’t nothing more than black magic / Better want what you wish for, it might happen / I drank your poison, fell under your spell / Love is hell and nothing more than black magic.”