Review: Ryan Kinder Releases Single “Tonight”

RYan kinder

Country new comer Ryan Kinder is gearing up to release his first full length album.  Recently being signed to Warner Music Nashville, Kinder has been on a radio tour introducing his brand new single to his fans. We first heard his new single during his set at the HGTV Lodge during CMAFest and knew he had a hit on his hands.

Ryan Kinder playing at the HGTV Lodge in Nashville during CMAFest.

Rolling Stone has called him the John Mayer of country music and Kinder isn’t afraid of paving the way for a different sound in his own genre.  His soulful southern voice allows you to identify his songs from the very first note.  “Tonight” with powerful vocals is the classic case of a drunk dial gone wrong.  The pain in Kinder’s voice warrants that he no longer wants this girl to call him, to tell him what he has heard many times before.  He wants to be left alone, and her call has done nothing but continue the notion that he is still lonely tonight. “You’re sorry, you were wrong / You just go on / Until the buzz is gone and you don’t need me / Do you feel better now? Are you sleeping? / Cause I’m a mess here, still bleeding.” 

“Tonight” hits home with many listeners who have felt the heartbreak of unrequited love and decided that this time would be the last time they pick up the phone.  A catchy hook and simple piano melody carry you through the song and then Kinder wows with an organic guitar rift during the bridge.

As fans look forward to the release of his first full length album, “Tonight” is the perfect song to keep up the anticipation.  Back in January The Shotgun Seat predicted that Ryan Kinder would be a Radio Breakout Artist in 2015.  We still feel that his new single will hit radio with a bang and hopefully launch his career for the future.

Watch a live version of “Tonight” below.

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