The Shotgun SeatMA Awards


Yesterday’s CMA Awards certainly lived up to their billing as “country music’s biggest night.”  While the show certainly honored the musical accomplishments of many great artists in the genre, we all know that they leave out some extremely deserving artists and awards.  In order to fill that void, we’re presenting you with the first ever “The Shotgun SeatMAs.”

Most likely to get attacked by an angry mob of Taylor Swift Fans:  Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley
It wouldn’t be a CMA awards show without a few jabs at Taylor Swift thrown into the opening monologue.  We know Taylor has the fiercest fans in music, and wouldn’t be surprised if they were fed up with their girl being the brunt of the joke.

Best covers: Native Run
As we all know, YouTube is over-saturated with people – for better or for worse – covering their favorite tunes.  While we certainly enjoy Axl Rose wannabe’s singing soulful renditions of “Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine,” props are due to Native Run for shaking up the song cover game with their “covers under the covers” series.

Best Twitter banter:  Dan+Shay/NotJakeOwen

Dan + Shay are pretty easy targets for Cake Bowen, but the ever-chill duo takes the heat in stride, and plays along with Cake’s crazy humor.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 2.13.07 AM

Screenshot 2014-11-06 09.43.20

Most creative chef: Courtney Cole

All we have to say is that we hope Courtney partners up with Chipotle ASAP so that we all can enjoy her genius “chipotle panini”

Biggest animal lover: Brett Eldredge
It’s certainly not your typical “save a shelter pet” love affair, but CMA New Artist of the Year Brett Eldridge certainly has a soft spot in his heart for four-legged creatures in his “Beat of the Music” video.


Best Halloween costume: Jillian Jaqueline


Margot & Richie, Samuel L. Jackson

(via @jillianjmusic)

Most likely to never receive her Spotify royalties: Taylor Swift
T. Swift and Spotify are never getting back together (like, ever) and we bet it was a messy break-up.

Best wheels: That “Chevy with a lift kit” off of Wedgewood near Music Row
Anyone who drives up and down music row is sure to have passed this noticeably ginormous truck.  The real question is…do the owners have to use a step ladder each and every time they climb in and out?



Most likely to be mistaken for Jesus: Ryan Hurd
This one’s pretty self-explanatory…

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 4.04.04 PM

(Photo courtesy of @NashvilleCajun)


Congrats to all the winners! Until next year…


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