Josh Gracin Is Back At It with Feel-Good EP ‘Nothin’ Like Us, Pt. 1’

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Josh Gracin, released his EP, Nothin’ Like Us, Pt. 1, on Friday, February 17, and it’s filled with everything you are looking for in a country record. Released on Revel Road Records, the six-song project opens with Gracin’s down-home tune, “I Go Crazy,” which is pure, unapologetic country. Gracin sings, “You got a wild side, can’t hide, one look at me baby and I go crazy.”  The “I Go Crazy” music video premiered on Rated Red last week, and takes viewers straight to the wild west. Watch below:

Gracin unleashes the smoothness of his voice in love songs, “I’m Still There,” “Front Porch Kinda Love,” and “On Me.” The title track, “Nothin Like Us” is a flirtatious song about the excitement and playfulness of new relationships. Gracin sings in the chorus: “There’s nothing like that feeling we get / Drink a little red wine off of your lips / You’re making me crazy calling me baby.” 
Nothin’ Like Us, Pt. 1 Track List: 
1. “I Go Crazy”
2. “I’m Still There”
3. “Nothin Like Us”
4. “Me, A Girl and a Radio”
5. “Front Porch Kinda Love”
6. “On Me”

Gracin released his debut self-titled album, Josh Gracin in 2004, followed by We Weren’t Crazy in 2008. Soon after, he released Redemption in 2011, making Nothin’ Like Us, Pt. 1 his first release since in several years. Purchase a copy of Nothin’ Like Us, Pt. 1 on iTunes and keep up to date on all things Josh Gracin on his website.