• The Swon Brothers Release ‘Pretty Cool Scars’ EP

    The Swon Brothers are giving fans exactly what they want – more music, more often. Their Pretty Cool Scars EP was released on Friday, March 17, just on the heels of 2016’s Timeless EP. Featuring six brand new songs, Pretty Cool Scars brings fresh sounds that are upbeat, carefree, and easy to enjoy. The EP starts with rocking nod to 90s country with “Dwight Trashed.” Although this song could’ve easily fallen prey to clichés, the lyrics are crafted carefully and the instrumentation ignites a fun nostalgic feeling. You have to crack a smile at lines like: “We’re getting Doug Stone-d, might even Clint Black-out.”

    A few of the songs explore a more electric, production-heavy sound than typical Swon Brothers fare, especially lead single “Don’t Call Me” and “About Last Night.” Despite this sonic exploration, the brothers stay rooted in their signature harmonies, which makes the change subtle and appealing. (Keep an eye out for the forthcoming “Don’t Call Me” music video.)

    The harmonies especially shine on the title track “Pretty Cool Scars,” an anthemic summertime tune filled with promise and appreciation for small town vibes. “Take Off” is a sweet sway-with-your-partner song that’s sure to be a concert favorite, and “Gold” sends the listener off on an inspired note. Pretty Cool Stars is a solid country EP with the Swon Brothers’ magic touch. The six tracks push the Swon Brothers forward in terms of sound, while still sticking to their country roots and classic harmonies. And perhaps most importantly, they’re responding to their fan base and delivering consistent, fresh, and satisfying new material.

    Pretty Cool Scars is available on iTunes and Amazon.