Tyler Farr’s “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” Is Lyrically, Vocally Engaging

Tyler Farr released his latest single, mid-tempo-almost-a-ballad “A Guy Walks Into a Bar,” today, and we’re excited. Lyrically, the the track shines, highlighting the cyclical nature of relationships through the hook, “a guy walks into a bar,” focusing on the act of a guy walking into a bar to simultaneously represent the start of something new and the getting over of something finished. Farr’s voice is distinctly emotional and raspy and whether or not it’s your thing, the song does an excellent job of showcasing its unique sound.

The release follows single “Whiskey in My Water,” which was certified gold and peaked at #3 on US Country Airplay.

You can grab the song on iTunes, and check out Farr on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.