Love Demos? Check Out Our New Demo Mixtape, Featuring Unreleased Songs By Some Of Our Favorite Writers

There are two things that drove the creation of The Shotgun Seat in 2014: becoming aware of just how many incredible songs are being written every day in Nashville, followed quickly by a frustration that not every music lover would get to hear them. The amount of talent simmering on the Nashville hot plate every day is phenomenal, and while not every kernel is afforded the opportunity to pop and be heard far and wide, there are so, so many that deserve that attention.

Many of the writers included in this volume of our demo mixtape have long been pillars of country music’s core: Tia Sillers and “I Hope You Dance,” Jeremy Spillman and “Sinners Like Me,” Scooter Carusoe and “Better As A Memory.” Several are familiar voices: the country-rock howl of CJ Solar, the Bayou-doused simmer of Drew Dixon, the unassuming richness of Hailey Whitters. From Grammy winners and chart toppers to new writers offering fresh perspectives, each of these writers offer unique talents (do yourself a favor and dig into their catalogs!)

We’re incredibly excited to be able to share some hands-down incredible songs by this group, and are humbled and grateful for their contributions to this mixtape. For those in Nashville, head to Edgehill Cafe and Grimey’s and snag a free physical copy while supplies last – for everyone else, stream the mixtape below:


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