Must-Listens for June: The Shotgun Seat Team Picks

This month’s selection includes new tracks from Thomas Rhett, Moody Bear, Dylan Schneider, Lady Antebellum, and Erin Enderlin.

Annie: Chapter One: Tonight I Don’t Give A Damn by Erin Enderlin

I put Erin Enderlin’s Whiskeytown Crier at the top of my Best-of-’17 list and I’m equally excited about her new three-pack of songs, Chapter One: Tonight I Don’t Give A Damn. Enderlin’s songs draw from nuanced and deep emotional wells, and her expressive vocals continue to hauntingly tell those stories.

Markus: “What If I Never Get Over You” by Lady Antebellum

This song is a remarkably well-done return to form for Lady Antebellum. After a brief flirtation with less-cohesive pop and soft-rock sounds, the trio is back with a melancholic, angst-ridden track that finds them at their best. The song builds to a final chorus that is laced with emotion, while Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott put in performances that rank among their finest work. The production finds them in their comfort zone—a comfortable blend of country and adult contemporary sounds, while the melody and hook are definitively strong. It’s an excellent effort that will hopefully result in a commercial revival for the group.

Lydia: “Gimme a Red Light” by Dylan Schneider

I’m a sucker for a feel-good song about young love, and this one checks the box. With “Gimme a Red Light,” Dylan Schneider desperately wishes for just a few more minutes to prolong that exciting, butterflies-in-the-belly feeling. It’s sweet and will definitely bring you back to those free-feeling moments of a new relationship. Give me a red light, every stop sign, the world’s slowest, longest train / Give me a hole in the road ’bout a mile wide, so we can’t go this way / Give me some backed up traffic in a little town / Anything to slow us down, make us turn around / I ain’t ready to take her home, tonight / So give me a red light.”


Natalie: “Cowboy” by Moody Bear

This song makes me feel like I’m riding a horse (bareback, obviously) through the deserts of the American West (only by the light of the moon, of course) while I contemplate the meaning of life and question every decision I’ve ever made. And I love it so much. Moody Bear, who arrived on the scene in early May, has also released two other singles (“I’m Fine” and “Cloud Line”) ahead of his debut album, due June 14. All three tracks boast country-laced indie rock vibes, and benefit from well-balanced production that skillfully spotlights their interesting lyrical themes. Consider me intrigued.

Amanda: “Don’t Stop Drivin'” by Thomas Rhett

From his latest album Center Point Road, Thomas Rhett’s “Don’t Stop Drivin’” is the ultimate summer jam you didn’t even know you needed. The “Die a Happy Man” singer combines his knack for writing an effortless love song with the breeziest melodies and anthemic vibes reminiscent of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” to help make this one of the best windows-down, adventure-ready songs you will hear all year. No doubt Rhett will have another hit on his hands once radio gets its hands on this one.

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