Key to the Perfect Music Festival: Country Festival Must-Haves

toad lick

Dothan, Alabama’s fifth annual Toad Lick Music Festival is just one short week away. You consider yourself a festival-going fiend, and yet you plant yourself in front of your closet, checking the weather forecast and contemplating what to bring and which shoes to embark on this country music adventure with. Well, my friends we are here to help.

Toadlick 2015. Photo by Mark Broadway
Toadlick 2015. Photo by Mark Broadway

The Right Shoes

The three day event, which takes place on The National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, would perhaps be the perfect place to whip out your most comfortable pair of shoes. As with any festival grounds, this will be the hub of dancing, milling about, and non-stop entertainment for roughly 120,000 fans; it may be best to keep your toes tucked into some mud-free boots or closed-toe shoes.


Though you may have some dusty surroundings, black Vans are always a solid option, and are great for both men and women. If you are in a more country-style mood, grab a pair of boots – just make sure they’re not ostrich, cause you might regret that cleaning fee.


Snazzy Shades

 Maybe it’s not your dad’s frayed ball cap that’s keeping the sun out of your eyes like Clare Dunn’s sporting in “Old Hat,” but you’ll need something to keep that summer sun to a minimum, especially if you’re facing hungover mornings. Pick up some super cheap shades from Walmart or Target that you don’t mind the lost-or-broken inevitability, and invest in a pair you’ll absolutely love – Quay Australia, for instance, prices around $60 and looks fabulous without breaking the bank.    


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The Perfect Swimsuit

Let’s not forget that with the beach just a hop, skip, and jump away, a bathing suit is a must. Summer festivals get HOT, and whether you’re just preparing for the beer-sweat combo you’ll feel drenched in or just want to stay cool, make sure you’ve got a good supply of bikinis on hand. Pair a string top or bandeau with cute shades or a see-thru tank and keep your style game strong. Personally, we’re partial to the shark mono-kini.



Stylish Storage

Things that suck: being dehydrated, carrying a million things, not having pockets, having your phone die. A mini backpack solves ALL of these things and also is cute, so you’re #winning all around. 


ToadLick 2015. Photo by Mark Broadway
Toadlick 2015. Photo by Mark Broadway


All-Day Phone Charge

When Justin Moore comes up, grabs the phone of the person next to you, and shoots a selfie of him singing in front of the entire crowd, you’re gonna wish yours hadn’t died before the sun even set. Mobile charges are so clutch and, bonus, they’re not even that expensive anymore. From $35-$150 depending on how much mobile charge you want, companies like Mophie have what you need, whether it’s a charging case itself or a shareable external (and they even come in rose gold.)


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Stylish Accessories

Speaking of rose gold, your accessory game should be on point, and is the easiest way to dress up a simple tank-top-and-shorts combo. Strings for Hope is a non-profit based in Nashville that takes used guitar strings (yes – you can wear Florida Georgia Line or Sam Palladio’s old guitar strings as jewelry) and turns them into these kick-ass bracelets. The bracelets are made by women in halfway homes and the proceeds go to local food banks, so you can do that look good feel good thing too.  


Now that you’ve got everything you need, grab some sun lotion, fill your playlist with Toadlick performers (Justin Moore, Charlie Daniels Band, Daughtry, Eli Young Band, Aaron Lewis, Clare Dunn, and Ashley Monroe, to name a few), and you are on your way.

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