Jillian Jacqueline’s “Overdue” Is A Breath of Fresh Air


Great artists aren’t made overnight. It takes a lot of nurturing, practice and time paying your dues, but when it’s right, it’s undeniable.

That’s why finding an artist like Jillian Jacqueline so early on in their career is so satisfying and exciting as music fans. Having been in show business her entire life (starting in the stage production of “Christmas from the Heart” with Kenny Rogers at age 9 and touring with acts like the Jonas Brothers), Jillian’s been honing her craft as an artist and songwriter in Nashville since 2010.

“Overdue” is the first glimpse of something really special from an artist who really has the potential to make waves in the country genre. Evoking the melancholy feelings of Kacey Musgraves’ Same Trailer Different Park, the song is sung from the point of view of someone who’s stuck in a rut – we’ve all been there – and is waiting for an air of excitement to come around. It hits all the right feels: it’s somber, a little nostalgic due to the traditional production and Jillian’s vocal delivery, and when it hits the end of that glorious chorus – there’s a glimmer of hope.

With a lyric as simple as “I’m so overdue for someone like you,” Jillian ties to all together and it just clicks. Loud guitars and catchy hooks are great and all, but what prevails in the long-run is music that makes a strong emotional connection within. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that the track features guest vocals by country legend Vince Gill (!!!).

We’re loving everything about Jillian Jacqueline right now – the song, her voice, her look – the whole aesthetic she’s going for is really doing it for us and we cannot wait to follow this young girl through her journey as an artist.

Check out her hand annotated lyrics to the song, and discover more about Jillian Jacqueline on her Facebook and Twitter.