Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Track Listing for Debut ‘The First Time’

Kelsea Ballerini announced via Twitter on April 1st the title and release date for her debut album, The First Time, and now she’s released the track listing for the project.

The uptempo and undeniably infectious “Love Me Like You Mean It” has been climbing the charts, and Ballerini, who co-wrote the entire album, looks to follow the single up with a similarly catchy flair.

“I grew up totally a Top 40 girl. I thought I was Britney Spears,” she told us in a recent interview. “I’m definitely drawn to the melodies and the hooks of pop music, with the stories and lyrics of country. I think on the EP, and especially on the album coming out, there’s a lot of marrying those two genres in the songs that I have.”

Track Listing for The First Time:
01. “XO” (Ballerini, Gravitt, O’Brien)
02. “Peter Pan” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Lee)
03. “Love Me Like You Mean It” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Kerr, Carpenter)
04. “Square Pegs” (Ballerini, Osborne, Stepakoff)
05. “The First Time” (Ballerini)
06. “Lookin’ At Stars” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Stepakoff)
07. “Sirens” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Denmark)
08. “Secondhand Smoke” (Ballerini, Kerr, Shellhart)
09. “Dibs” (Ballerini, Kerr, Griffin, Duke)
10. “Stilettos” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Savigar)
11. “Yeah Boy” (Ballerini, Whitehead, Timmer)
12. “Underage” (Ballerini, Kerr, Stepakoff)